I’m a child of the 60’s…still love rock and roll and some things ‘hippie’. Although, now I think it’s called ‘boho chic’! I’m a mom, a grand-mom and a great grand-mom! I’ve loved animals all my life. My dad and his uncle put me on a horse when I was about 20 months old. Daddy told the story that every time they tried to pull me off her back I would scream and kick and I had such a hold on her mane that they decided to just leave me alone. I made them ride me around so long, I fell asleep!

I’ve had a pet, either a dog or cat, or more than one, every year of my life! The only time I didn’t have a pet was my freshman year at college.  At present, I have four cats. CC Cat (16 year old calico); Duncan and his sister Macy (5 years old) and their younger brother, Spike, who will be 4 in August. I rescued the last three from a feral colony at my work.  I did have five cats, but on June 12th I had to put my Locket (the best baby girl ever) to sleep. And that experience has led me to this blog and to an idea for a couple of other plans.

I became a nurse at 42 years of age; I worked for 10 years at the bedside, and I’ve been teaching for 12 years now. Best of both worlds – nursing and teaching!

In my spare time I read; I like to cook sometimes, I enjoy movies, and I do a bit of crafting. I can sew (a bit); I still cross-stitich and in the last year I’ve started learning how to use a Cameo Silhouette. And did I mention reading?

I’m looking forward to growing this blog and meeting new friends!